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oh chello most random entry ever

ive decided that like once every 3 months i should just update this thing because ive been representing live journal since freakin 2001 (5 years old dayum boiiii)

maybe kelly or lauren will stumble upon this random entry and get a kick out of it...

-i should be writing a news story right now but lets be surious...im going to take my laptop to work and work on it tonight...ha
-lauren will soon be my coworker again...it is super sesy that 3 sesy lindt employees go on to be 3 sesy body shop employees (becky up in NY!)
-i have such a love in my heart for anime theme songs
-hopefully tonight ill be a better LUST than i was on friday night...gotta get that shit perfected for otakon this year
-i am like excited to go to the LA to visit kellen during january...disney land!!! shopping! BEING WARM! and of course lovely little russian kellen to give me the love that i have been missing since began has the fall and only has the interweb and phone to communicate
-hopefully ill be gettin my goo goo doll tickets thursday
-hopefully ill be going to see imogen heap with tim and bren bren next friday in philly (ew philly)
-im FINALLY gettin my xmas lists figured out...yippee
-hopefully me and miss becca will be making a fabulous appearance in fells tonight (druuuuuunk) and hopefully beforehand i can go to starbucks to make dear little boyfriends night not suck
-heather is back at body shop thank god...i missed her for that week she quit ha
-do i really wanna kill myself next semester in mcom research and digi post? damn my need to learn after effects
-hopefully friday will be a sweet ass road trip for me bren bren tim and lauren and JEAN!!!!
-jess got me really excited for the cherry blossom fest this spring in dc
-i really want to go to amsterdam and london this summer with laurzie...let us pray
-i got pics back from the pary on friday and the double michael at otto bar...michael ian black is thumb-upping me in the pic...beautiful...and the others...lets just say SHA-WASTED
-i really want my ouro boros tattoo...i need to stalk mike to get it done
-dear chris not that you read this but i still have part of a bday gift to give you

random. i dont wanna do homework i just wanna watch anime right now. i think i will...ill do my story at work. good job eden. eh go to my myspace its far more interesting.
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