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right okay so first off...

dear lindt and sprungli...it makes me so upset that a company with such an outystanding product can be run by such a bunch of FUCKIN IDIOTS (lindt usa atleast...im sure the swiss people arent retarded and actually know how to run a company unlike the douche bags that think good marketing for chocolate features people instead of oh i dont know maybe chocolate since thats whats being sold)

sorry, once again i want to go to new hampshire with an oozy and show those dumbasses whats up

ANYWAY...fun time

sooo anyway...

my vaca summed up...

wednesday-border patrol guy was mean but oh well, douche bag on the train that was like "this is first class", hostel love, HARRODS!, the BEST chocolate ever, good italian food, rain...lots of it
thursday- london zoo (where part of harry potter was filmed!), trying to find lush, london apple store, virgin megastore, 2 worst words ever "kitchen closed", pizza bufft, finding lush after it closed, nice sports bar, 10 hours of walking
friday-travel to brighton, nice bandb, awesome thai restaurant, BIG BROTHER!, oneils, candy (location of the drunk lesbian text) ,that sea gull being wasted, jumping on the bed
saturday-walking through brighton, tim asking me if i dealed, awesome shopping, another harry potter landmark, btraveling to wales, drunk welsh people, karaoke in laurens kitchen,
sunday- walking along the beach, sleeping in, lots of walking, PIZZA EXPRESS!, game of knowledge...(eden is a sore loser but damn a funny one)
monday- cardiff, castle in philly, pizza hut, general being awesomeness
tuesday- shopping, shopping, shopping, tesco
wednesday- sad departure but really good airline food

they didnt have anywhere to eat open past 10 much less any 24 hour diners...WTF!?

but they said cheers and its cute

there were of course many fabulous details in between but thats the awesome gist
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