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my gurnal...i write my thoughts in it everyday. [entries|friends|calendar]

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bugger [29 Mar 2007|12:58am]
whatever...how the eff am i supposed to feel?

this entry is vague i dont feel like posting details...all that matters is that im hurt right now. i keep changing how i feel..im over it...im not...im mad...im upset...whatever its stupid but its a big deal to me...ill sum it up with saying some people need to realize things...thats all

maybe ill write a less emo entry when im not so emo
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wtf [15 Nov 2006|05:32am]
what the fuck is even going on? so much changes in like 3 years. sigh. oh well atleast i finished my tv paper...i need to make a myspace blog with the clues about what phils xmas gift will be to me tim and lauren. weird fucking kid. upon watching the last season of sailor moon ive decided i like the idea of usagi being with seiya more than mamoru 9ew anime nerd) and it also makes me want to elaborate on my sm tattoo. next week is thanksgiving...it doesnt even feel like the holidays have actually started...oh well atleast my kellen comes home...and my second to last semester is ALMOST over. woot bro.
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sweet [31 Oct 2006|08:15pm]
other random tidbits

-phil is almost a better hunter s thompson than johnny depp
-me and chris went to atlantic city and i met bobby flay at his steak house at the borgata...i was kind of in love
-wig lady....ha.
-i was gunna make a sappy comment about college has given me the sweetest (sweet used as awesome not as overly nice) people ever but im not gay like that haha...they all already know =D
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oh chello most random entry ever [31 Oct 2006|07:36pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

ive decided that like once every 3 months i should just update this thing because ive been representing live journal since freakin 2001 (5 years old dayum boiiii)

maybe kelly or lauren will stumble upon this random entry and get a kick out of it...

-i should be writing a news story right now but lets be surious...im going to take my laptop to work and work on it tonight...ha
-lauren will soon be my coworker again...it is super sesy that 3 sesy lindt employees go on to be 3 sesy body shop employees (becky up in NY!)
-i have such a love in my heart for anime theme songs
-hopefully tonight ill be a better LUST than i was on friday night...gotta get that shit perfected for otakon this year
-i am like excited to go to the LA to visit kellen during january...disney land!!! shopping! BEING WARM! and of course lovely little russian kellen to give me the love that i have been missing since began has the fall and only has the interweb and phone to communicate
-hopefully ill be gettin my goo goo doll tickets thursday
-hopefully ill be going to see imogen heap with tim and bren bren next friday in philly (ew philly)
-im FINALLY gettin my xmas lists figured out...yippee
-hopefully me and miss becca will be making a fabulous appearance in fells tonight (druuuuuunk) and hopefully beforehand i can go to starbucks to make dear little boyfriends night not suck
-heather is back at body shop thank god...i missed her for that week she quit ha
-do i really wanna kill myself next semester in mcom research and digi post? damn my need to learn after effects
-hopefully friday will be a sweet ass road trip for me bren bren tim and lauren and JEAN!!!!
-jess got me really excited for the cherry blossom fest this spring in dc
-i really want to go to amsterdam and london this summer with laurzie...let us pray
-i got pics back from the pary on friday and the double michael at otto bar...michael ian black is thumb-upping me in the pic...beautiful...and the others...lets just say SHA-WASTED
-i really want my ouro boros tattoo...i need to stalk mike to get it done
-dear chris not that you read this but i still have part of a bday gift to give you

random. i dont wanna do homework i just wanna watch anime right now. i think i will...ill do my story at work. good job eden. eh go to my myspace its far more interesting.

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[16 Jun 2006|12:17am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

first things first...awesome stuff i have discovered...

iced coconut coffee from dunkin donuts...um YUM
getting a glass of milk at starbucks (im not going to give the reason why i get milk from star bucks just know that i do) with sugar free vanilla syrup...OMG ITS LIKE DRINKIN ICE CREAM!!! BEST DICSOVERY EVER!

bad discovery...im just not one of those people that can drink coffee without creamer...ew.

okay so now my im old revelation...i apply this to the high school graduating classes '99-'05

okay so today at work 5 people came in. 2 were younger like high school and i didnt wanna sample them cuz i figured theyd just want samples anyway and would be really annoying...so i didnt...and ended ringing them up for 2 truffles. the other 3 people stayed in a bit longer. i looked at then shirt one of the girls was wearing and it was a NIN shirt for the 2005 tour. from that shirt i knew they werent in highschool and therefore sampled them because i figured they wouldnt be annoying. i realized that highschoolers today may not even know who NIN is...(certainly not trent reznor) and may not be able to recognize "closer" or "head like a hole" or "perfect drug" (im not a huge NIN fan those are the only ones i can think of top of my head). so my assumption was correct...one of the other girl bought 2 bags (not just 2 truffles) and i looked at her ID and she was over 21...only assuming her friends were as well. that reminded me of last sunday when me and rita were listenin to blink 182 at work...we talked about how people in high school may not even know who blink 182 is or if they do, the fact that blink 182 broke up before they even got into high school. man blink 182 was like ridiculous in middle and high school. the blink 182 concert was A HUGE DEAL when i was a freshmen...that same day we saw a girl wearing a "class of '08" shirt...WHOA. only to think further...when pop music was HUGE like 3 years ago, some guy on vh1 said the average life for a boy band was 5 years. i remember thinking bsb and nsync would NEVER go away...only to realize today nsync hasnt put out a single since atleast 3 years ago...and i read in like people magazine that lance bass was a "b-list celebrity" as a guest host on some new game show...dude like 3 years ago he was a member of the biggest name in pop music...he wasnt justin but he was still a-list...and now hes on game shows? then to think britney was like 17 when she first came out...and now shes murried with a kid?! so then i thought pop music would never go away...but right after pop really dumb contemporary rock like linkin park and nickelback was big and now obviously "scene" (for lack of better words) bands are huge...WHAT!? only THEN to consider the fact that when me and jess go to see goo goo dolls...itll be all older people...cuz teenagers dont even know who they are...kinda like when jess and rita went to see rob thomas...class of '07 and after is probably like "matchbox who?!"...

so i guess 20/21 (only like 23 days!) is still very very young...but man, simple things make you realize youre only a teenager once. weird.

that was my contemplation for the day. sigh.

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[12 Jun 2006|02:14am]
okay so is like...

i have realized very few people have seen my bad side...most people have bad sides when they get in real bad moods or someone pisses them off and they go off....my bad side is brought on by trivia games and mario party. tonight i played trivial pursuit with brendan, kelly and geoff. me and kelly were on a team...um it was basically the game of knowledge fiasco all over again...except geoff was a worse than tim...god dammit i know more athletes than cal ripken and wayne gretsky. and seriously..."i am spock"...most random answer ever...

OKAY and maybe its just me but lets see if anyone else can get this...our question was like...

"what pharmaceutically inspired album was released and went on t o sell 16 million copies (in 1995)?" i my spelling of pharmaceutically made sense..

btw im not really "mean" when i bring out my bad side...im just very sarcastic and i double up on your mom jokes...and i think quite amusing...hahaha i have a fab time none the less

OKAY and wtf is it with celebrities naming their kids weird things )just cuz they can?)...apple was kinda cute gwyneth but moses...MOSES?! wtf is wrong with these people....

dear david spade...your new show on comedy central is pretty much one of the greatest tv viewing options

last but not least...

"better days" off the new goo goo dolls cd is one of the most BEAUTIFUL songs i think i have ever heard...one of those songs that if they play in concert...i just may cry....i absolutely adore it...johnny rzeznik is an amazing/beautiful human being...

"And you ask me what I want this year
And I try to make this kind and clear
Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days....

....And it's someplace simple where we could live
And something only you can give
And thats faith and trust and peace while we're alive...

....Cuz tonight's the night the world begins again"

oh yea and i thought of something to add to my hate/love list...

although i LOVE LOVE LOVE kosher dill spears (um regular pickles), i HATE bread and butter pickles...EW WHY WHY WHY!?

i also feel the need to address i used "where" incorrectly in my last blog...it should have been "wear"

[10 Jun 2006|03:17pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

for some reason i feel like making a list of women i think are beautiful...

naomi watts, christina applegate, lucy lui, scarlett johanson, rachel mcadams, nicole kidman, beyonce, reese witherspoon, the girl in phantom of the opera (emma something i cant remember), rosaio dawson, carmen electra, anne hathaway, and of course tori...i cant think of anyone else right now...oh yea the girl that played rogue in x3...i never thought so before but damn she got hot in that movie...jean grey wasnt bad either

completely random

that nick lachey song is awesome (whats left of me)...shut up tim its awesome

the new goo goo dolls cd is REALLY fuckin awesome...good thing im GOIN TO SEE THEM JULY 28 WITH JESS at hershey! maybe we can ride roller coasters before hand <3 whoo itll rock

some of my favorite people have told me i kinda look like shirley manson when i where my hair down...i think thats really hot xo

today in the gym was really awesome...i dont know why i was just so energized and it was great...woot

that part in anchorman where jack black kicks the dog off the bridge is the funniest thing ever...its a magical moment in cinematic history


[06 Jun 2006|02:05pm]
[ mood | pumped up ]

saw x-3 last night...

um dear hugh jackman...DO ME
because that make out scene with you and jean was pretty much the hottest thing ever...oh yea throw rogue in there too cuz she got slammin

dear amie and rena...have a fab time in vegas xo

i have been obsessed with goo goo dolls lately...in love just little bit

would anyone love me enough to see less than jake with me if they tour around here this summer (after warped tour) even tho im one of the only losers that still likes ska even tho they havent been ska for years

rosario dawson is in clerks 2 whichprobably means ill end up seeing up...but hey so is jason lee (heart!) obviously

i really heart the daily show (jon stewart yum!) and theyre bashing jersey right now...im not a hater but ha

anyonev can comment on my lj and when i say anyone i really just mean alien


[02 Jun 2006|05:23pm]
oh yea itll probably be really stupid but i really wanna see the remake of the omen

[02 Jun 2006|05:08pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

right okay so first off...

dear lindt and sprungli...it makes me so upset that a company with such an outystanding product can be run by such a bunch of FUCKIN IDIOTS (lindt usa atleast...im sure the swiss people arent retarded and actually know how to run a company unlike the douche bags that think good marketing for chocolate features people instead of oh i dont know maybe chocolate since thats whats being sold)

sorry, once again i want to go to new hampshire with an oozy and show those dumbasses whats up

ANYWAY...fun time

sooo anyway...

my vaca summed up...

wednesday-border patrol guy was mean but oh well, douche bag on the train that was like "this is first class", hostel love, HARRODS!, the BEST chocolate ever, good italian food, rain...lots of it
thursday- london zoo (where part of harry potter was filmed!), trying to find lush, london apple store, virgin megastore, 2 worst words ever "kitchen closed", pizza bufft, finding lush after it closed, nice sports bar, 10 hours of walking
friday-travel to brighton, nice bandb, awesome thai restaurant, BIG BROTHER!, oneils, candy (location of the drunk lesbian text) ,that sea gull being wasted, jumping on the bed
saturday-walking through brighton, tim asking me if i dealed, awesome shopping, another harry potter landmark, btraveling to wales, drunk welsh people, karaoke in laurens kitchen,
sunday- walking along the beach, sleeping in, lots of walking, PIZZA EXPRESS!, game of knowledge...(eden is a sore loser but damn a funny one)
monday- cardiff, castle in philly, pizza hut, general being awesomeness
tuesday- shopping, shopping, shopping, tesco
wednesday- sad departure but really good airline food

they didnt have anywhere to eat open past 10 much less any 24 hour diners...WTF!?

but they said cheers and its cute

there were of course many fabulous details in between but thats the awesome gist

this love is | S-E-R-I-O-U-S

[27 May 2006|11:49pm]
[ mood | i feel like dealin yo ]

so ok some of you may have gotten a text message last night...

basicaly we went to brighton (kind of fells point-y) and went to a bar..got drunk...rocked out to brit pop and sweet ass rock...(mj followed by bryan adams followed by bon jovi!!!!) then we went to a sweet ass lesbian bar and got more drunk and lauren yelled at a seagull she thought was wasted.

today we went shopping..fave quote of the day...

we were talking about when we all tried weed the first time and tim busts out with "didnt you used to deal"

i died laughing on the inside and outside



i also went into a chocolate shop that made cakes for harry potter and the goblet of fire (chocowoccadoodah?)

let us pray...it was beautiful


[26 May 2006|01:29am]
[ mood | london-y ]

ok for those who dont know/actually care (probably no one)i am currently in london...SO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS



kelly i miss you...i am looking for sailor moon stuff for you

also...i got my picture taken at the same snake case that harry potter 1 was filmed at


anything else???????

oh yea...we walked for 10 hours straight.

i never want to go home...its more awesome here...you dont have to tip...people randomly help you (you dont have to ask), the toiletries are fun to look at, and the cola bottles are really cool (coke lime is in a plastic green bottle)

beat that yo

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[01 May 2006|01:02am]
[ mood | retarded ]

my love for sailor moon has come back out full force its amazing
the episode of south park with al gore was pretty much the most awesome thing ever
and i havent seen chapelle show in FOREVER but i just watched an episode guest starring waynbe brady...it made my night perfectly complete and perfect
ive been obsessed with comedy central in general lately actually

tomorrow = 23 days till me n tim leave for wales to see our precious lauren! we miss her so!!! i love lauren

me tim and phil are awesome because we draw sweet ass work related pictures that keep me entertained for hours

wtf m i talking about? i guess im just awesome

ive decided i really wannA marry michael ian black =D

this love is | S-E-R-I-O-U-S

[18 Apr 2006|09:39pm]
[ mood | FLUFFY ]

remember when i owed over 400 $ in taxes...woot thats awesome
im obsessed with that fosters home for imaginary friends show on cartoon network...greatest thing ever
my teacher for emf 471 is really hot...i am really REALLY going to miss that class :( especially since i have to miss the last class because im going to wales that night...oh well i guess wales is worth it (sarcasm...as super doable as my teacher is id much rather go to wales than class)
me + tim + lauren / another country = insanity
ive made it my goal to get all the sailormoon graphic novels...dammit does this mean i have to start going to creepy anime conventions?
things i should be doing...putting laundry away...working on my adv. portfolio...what am i doing? playing on lj, watching tv, getting ready to play ddr....LOSER


[28 Feb 2006|01:13am]
[ mood | my tum hurts ]

imdb owns my life...

like you know for insance....

uber hot rosario dawson that apparently gets with all the sexy guys in her movies (AHEM CLIVE OWEN) is going to be in sin city 2 and from that i realized that sin city 3 was just announced...OMAHGAW

meanwhile that guy who was the big black guy in the green mile was the voice of the stork in the stewie movie hahaha "honey you and i are gunna make the baby"

this is a really random post

tim and i made sweet ass pictures using the uber fabulous "paint" program that all windows systems come equipped with

oh yea...rosario dawson was also in kids....i think she was the girl that talked about getting sperm stuck in her teeth (that traumatized me)

cuz i was like hey roasrio dawson is in rent but she was also in sin city so shes awesome so i imdbed her and now i give her mad props

what the fuck am i talking about...you would think i was high

just tired...and my stomach hurts from eating too many teriaki (sp?) noodles for dinner


mmm harry potter is officially on dvd in one week woot bro

dude like 3 months until me and timmy visit our alien svrjcek (sp?) in wales. :)

this love is | S-E-R-I-O-U-S

[22 Jan 2006|01:08am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

its late and mitch and rita are watching four brothers ( <3!!!! mmm jackie boy ) and i was reading my olllllllld myspace messages only to discover freshman year wasnt too bad...damn only like semesters left...and half the people i know are graduating this year...wtf im going to need to like grow up for real soon =( no matter how much you try to take in...it never seems like its enough...sigh

me and teresa played the 6 degrees of seperation of our friends tonight at work...maryland can be a very small place at times...i love it...and she told me a sweet ass poop story

word bra

this love is | S-E-R-I-O-U-S

[05 Jan 2006|12:27am]
[ mood | no inuyasha! ]

alanis morisette seems to have an awesome talent for making superb soundtrack songs...examples being...

"still" from dogma
"uninvited" from city of angels
"wunderkind" from chronicles (sp? its late brain fart) of narnia

i heart her anyway but the only other person that compares to her soundtrack abilities is of course tori


speaking of tori soundtrack songs...download...carnival and siren fo sho

make a copy of that imogen heap cd for me please dahling


omg adult swim makes me cry when they dont keep the lineup straight...i hate not knowing if my inuyasha and fullmetal alchemist will be on =(

this love is | S-E-R-I-O-U-S

[04 Jan 2006|05:59pm]
You're... "Master Of The House"

Thinks he's quite a lover,
but there's not much there...

You're rude, crude, and politically incorrect, but sometimes you're weirdly funny.

What's Your Les Miz Themesong?


[01 Jan 2006|07:17pm]
[ mood | crud ass-ish ]

beer pong + my mexican boo + wawa + jews + i love the 90s + hot zac hanson make out dream + drunk but no hang over = awesome way to brink in 2006

word. bring it bro

this love is | S-E-R-I-O-U-S

[15 Dec 2005|11:35pm]
oh yeah...

a+ on my editing final...109 when the highest grade was a 112.

eden = awesome

and two a's so far out of 5 classes. woot bro
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