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first things first...awesome stuff i have discovered...

iced coconut coffee from dunkin donuts...um YUM
getting a glass of milk at starbucks (im not going to give the reason why i get milk from star bucks just know that i do) with sugar free vanilla syrup...OMG ITS LIKE DRINKIN ICE CREAM!!! BEST DICSOVERY EVER!

bad discovery...im just not one of those people that can drink coffee without creamer...ew.

okay so now my im old revelation...i apply this to the high school graduating classes '99-'05

okay so today at work 5 people came in. 2 were younger like high school and i didnt wanna sample them cuz i figured theyd just want samples anyway and would be really annoying...so i didnt...and ended ringing them up for 2 truffles. the other 3 people stayed in a bit longer. i looked at then shirt one of the girls was wearing and it was a NIN shirt for the 2005 tour. from that shirt i knew they werent in highschool and therefore sampled them because i figured they wouldnt be annoying. i realized that highschoolers today may not even know who NIN is...(certainly not trent reznor) and may not be able to recognize "closer" or "head like a hole" or "perfect drug" (im not a huge NIN fan those are the only ones i can think of top of my head). so my assumption was correct...one of the other girl bought 2 bags (not just 2 truffles) and i looked at her ID and she was over 21...only assuming her friends were as well. that reminded me of last sunday when me and rita were listenin to blink 182 at work...we talked about how people in high school may not even know who blink 182 is or if they do, the fact that blink 182 broke up before they even got into high school. man blink 182 was like ridiculous in middle and high school. the blink 182 concert was A HUGE DEAL when i was a freshmen...that same day we saw a girl wearing a "class of '08" shirt...WHOA. only to think further...when pop music was HUGE like 3 years ago, some guy on vh1 said the average life for a boy band was 5 years. i remember thinking bsb and nsync would NEVER go away...only to realize today nsync hasnt put out a single since atleast 3 years ago...and i read in like people magazine that lance bass was a "b-list celebrity" as a guest host on some new game show...dude like 3 years ago he was a member of the biggest name in pop music...he wasnt justin but he was still a-list...and now hes on game shows? then to think britney was like 17 when she first came out...and now shes murried with a kid?! so then i thought pop music would never go away...but right after pop really dumb contemporary rock like linkin park and nickelback was big and now obviously "scene" (for lack of better words) bands are huge...WHAT!? only THEN to consider the fact that when me and jess go to see goo goo dolls...itll be all older people...cuz teenagers dont even know who they are...kinda like when jess and rita went to see rob thomas...class of '07 and after is probably like "matchbox who?!"...

so i guess 20/21 (only like 23 days!) is still very very young...but man, simple things make you realize youre only a teenager once. weird.

that was my contemplation for the day. sigh.
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