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imdb owns my life...

like you know for insance....

uber hot rosario dawson that apparently gets with all the sexy guys in her movies (AHEM CLIVE OWEN) is going to be in sin city 2 and from that i realized that sin city 3 was just announced...OMAHGAW

meanwhile that guy who was the big black guy in the green mile was the voice of the stork in the stewie movie hahaha "honey you and i are gunna make the baby"

this is a really random post

tim and i made sweet ass pictures using the uber fabulous "paint" program that all windows systems come equipped with

oh yea...rosario dawson was also in kids....i think she was the girl that talked about getting sperm stuck in her teeth (that traumatized me)

cuz i was like hey roasrio dawson is in rent but she was also in sin city so shes awesome so i imdbed her and now i give her mad props

what the fuck am i talking about...you would think i was high

just tired...and my stomach hurts from eating too many teriaki (sp?) noodles for dinner


mmm harry potter is officially on dvd in one week woot bro

dude like 3 months until me and timmy visit our alien svrjcek (sp?) in wales. :)
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